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Our Infographic

Our Infographic

Our carpet cleaning experts use the best methods. Check out this infographic to learn all about them.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

Cleaned carpets are definitely great decoration within our homes, offices, business areas, hotels, shops, coffee bars; restaurants

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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

Can we ask you few simple questions? What did you do yesterday? Is this question to broad

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Browse here for all your carpet cleaning needs, pointers and useful tips.

Full Residential Carpet Cleaning & Water Restoration Services

Do you want to enjoy clean carpets free of bacteria, stains and bad odors? Learn what to do when they get stained and discover the best stain removal methods by reading the following tips. Find out how to take care of rugs and upholstery and how to remove nasty pet odors.

Familiarize the benefits of carpet cleaning and the tips you can apply at home.

Cleaning woolen carpets

Vacuum woolen carpets as usual, however, remember not to use a rotary brush on them as the yarn may fluff up. Try using a different tool instead like a floor tool or something similar. Woolen fibers take a long time to dry, so pay close attention to the cleaning method. High alkaline cleaners should never be used. Simple spills can be treated by spraying a little water in the area and blotting it.

When should you deep clean carpets?

"Not all carpets need to be deep cleaned all the time. The team at Carpet Cleaning Vallejo  asks owners to keep an eye open for these signs on the carpet. If you happen to notice them, then it’s time to deep clean: *The carpet appears matted
*Kicks up dust when stamping hard or running"

Clean wool fibers carefully

Avoid using strong carpet cleaning products if the fibers are made of wool because they might be ruined. Prefer simple solutions or homemade stuff – like baking soda, dish liquid and vinegar. Blot stains instead of scrubbing them so that they won't spread further or be absorbed by the fibers. It's preferable to get ecofriendly products, which are designed especially for wool rugs and always test them first.

Vacuum thoroughly before and after carpet cleaning

Giving your rugs a good vacuuming before having a professional cleaning will assist the process greatly by ensuring that no excess dirt or debris will get in the way of a good clean. Similarly, using the Hoover after a clean will collect any of the once stubborn, but now loosened dirt which is still lying around.

Never set furniture onto wet carpet

You must wait for the carpet to dry fully before you get the furniture back into place. Otherwise, water can get absorbed into the legs of wood items such as a table. Furthermore, the spots on the carpet where the legs are can be easily damaged. Mold may grow as well. You can readily speed up the drying process by opening the windows and directing fans towards the carpet.

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